The not-so-secret Key to Business Success

Did you know there is a fast, inexpensive, and efficient way for your business to reach almost half of the world's population? What if I told you 97% of marketers are already using this secret to further their business? Would you be interested?

The truth is, their secret isn’t really a secret at all. Honestly, it’s the most public thing you can do in today's day and age, and that’s social media. Social media is an essential asset for any business:

Social media creates a personal connection between you and your customers.

Social media opens the conversation for instant interaction, relationship building and customer loyalty. Instead of just seeing a brand name and logo, customers are able to see what kind of person is behind the business. You are able to tell your brand's story and your business' motivation through social media. This builds trust and encourages relationships, which can lead to loyalty for your company. Not only that, but those who trust your brand and the person behind it are more likely to recommend your brand to others. In a way, being active on social media not only benefits your relationship between existing customers, but also allows you to further your business with new ones.

53% of customers who follow your business on social media are likely to be loyal to your business specifically.

Social media gets you attention and builds brand awareness.

By adding your business to social media, you are opening up to users across the world. You are instantly enabling awareness that can reach far beyond any other type of marketing. You are no longer limited by your physical location. You can target customers in any area of the world through ads and over time build your digital audience to include customers all over. The awareness you bring to your company on social media is what can change your small town business into a nation-wide company.

Social media creates brand recognition.

Customers want to buy from brands that they recognize and trust. Social media makes this easily attainable because you are able to reach your audience more regularly with zero cost. Being active on social media is a simple way to regularly create recognition and show your audience what you have to offer. Keeping your brand front-of-mind gives you a higher chance to be selected over your competitors when your customer is ready for your service or product.

In 2020, over 3.6 billion people used social media. You have an avenue to market to billions of people for free. Are you using it?