How to Use Social Media as a Custom Home Builder

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for businesses when it comes to marketing and branding —however, it can be difficult to understand exactly how to utilize social media applications to help improve your brand. Home builder marketing is an industry that can significantly benefit from using social media as a marketing tool by reaching new clients and showcasing real results online. Follow these simple tips and guidelines to completely transform how you’re using social media —and get effective results!

Home Builders and Social Media —Everything You Need to Know

There are a variety of ways that home builders and social media pair together perfectly. Custom home building is a highly visual industry that works well with the format of social media. It’s also easier than ever for satisfied clients to show-off your successful work to all of their family and friends online, which brings in more customers for you in the future.

The main social media platforms are currently Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter —although other platforms, such as Pinterest, may be especially useful to custom home builder marketing. Learn more about how each platform works and the average demographics of each platform’s users to determine where your social media marketing campaign should focus.

Spotlight Your Portfolio

One of the best ways that custom home builders can use social media is by showcasing all of their best work throughout their online presence. Highlight the most visually appealing and stylish completed projects in order to draw in likes, increase audience engagement with your content, and eventually, grab new clients. By encouraging your follows to share and promote the beautiful pictures of your portfolio work, other people can easily click on the linked post and reach your company’s website.

Using hashtags when posting pictures of your portfolio is essential when doing home builder marketing, especially on Instagram. Hashtags are how new clients can discover your custom home building content without being directly referenced to your brand by a previous client. Do some research into hashtags that would be relevant to your expertise and area in order to effectively attract a larger audience - you can also check out this post we wrote on hashtag research.

Give and Take —Engaging With Content

When using social media as a tool, giving comments and likes is often just as important as receiving them. All custom home builder social media profiles should regularly click and comment on other pages and posts in order to drive up engagement. Not only does it solidify your brand image as friendly and communicative, but it also encourages other people to post on your page in response.

Learning about how to use the connection between home builders and social media to your advantage is something that every custom home building company should do in order to book more clients and highlight their portfolios. Make your customers more comfortable talking with you about future projects and reach new clients by utilizing social media!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to connect!