How to Get More Followers on Instagram

This is the million dollar question, not only for home builders and realtors, for everyone. Everyone wants more Instagram followers. While the number of followers isn't necessarily the biggest metric for a successful social media strategy, it does help validate your business and encourage people to "follow the masses". But, with every million dollar question comes a million dollar answer....

So, with that in mind - here is how to build your Instagram following:

Follow Other Accounts in Your Niche.

Instagram is all about finding your niche, building a mini community and supporting that community. It is imperative to find accounts and support one another.

For example, if your target audience is local consumers your target "Instagram community" includes local businesses, bloggers, community organizations, etc. You will be able to build a following of local consumers just by interacting with other business owners in your area. If your target audience is a national audience, you need to find a way to make mini versions of your audience first. Then, slowly expand your mini versions. Finding accounts and building these communities does take time just like any relationship.

Interact Regularly with Accounts.

It's not enough to find accounts and follow them. You have to create a relationship with your audience. Take time to check in on your followers, individually via DMs or by commenting on their recent posts. Relationships on social media happen extremely quickly when you are being authentic and genuinely interested. Look at your audience online as a waiting room at your office -- it's up to you to manage the relationship.

Hashtag Research.

Hashtag research is a way that new accounts can find you without you being the one to initiate the relationship. We are such believers in hashtags on Instagram that we have written an entire article about how to do hashtag research. So, take some time to figure out your hashtag strategy!

Instagram Tours.

Instagram tours are all the rage right now... our CEO even helped create the #HomesWithPurpose tour. An Instagram tour is where a group of people (usually several hundreds) posts within the same 1-24 hour period and are expected to engage with others on the tour. Usually, this will spike your Instagram engagement and get you new followers if you post the perfect content! There are tons of tours out there right now -- you've probably been invited to one if you have an Instagram account within the home industry. One other little trick, if you are able to earn a spot as a "guest host" on a tour you will usually earn hundreds of new followers in a single night. And, if you really want to earn some followers, put in the work to host a tour -- just ask us how!

Story Sharing.

Story sharing actually gets more views than your regular posts! So you have to share great stories and put time and energy into them. But, be sure to share stories that are relevant to your followers otherwise you will be likely unfollowed.

Engagement and Response.

This is it. THIS is the big piece you need to be aware of! ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE -- It is so important to engage with your followers and those you follow. Even more so, be thoughtful when responding to your comments and messages. Your digital audience holds your current and future customers so your account is like a look inside interactions you have with other people every day.

There it is - the million dollar answer in outline format! This took @homegrownboymom from 2k to 10k in LESS THAN ONE YEAR so we know it can help your account too!

If you think this sounds completely overwhelming and not worth it - no worries, we can make it happen for you with our Social Media Management programs.

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